ODI with GIT

ODI 12.2 introduced the use of Subversion as an integrated VCS tool within ODI. To setup GIT access in ODI go to the team menu use ‘Switch Versioning Application’ to select GIT then in the ‘Settings’ create connection

Avoid selecting the Auto Version option checkbox. Selecting this feature will commit and push a new version each time you hit save. We can select individual objects to version in Git apart the whole repository.

versioning at the project (or folder) level will allow to include child objects; thus add multiple items in a single commit.

Include Dependencies will include dependent objects. In the Studio Git versioned objects have a ‘g’ on the icon. Local file system’s Git repository clone will look like this.

Right click on the object to version and select Create VCS Version…

Commit comment is mandatory for the save. ODI is smart enough not to commit to Git if there have not been any changes.

Version History

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