I Quit

1.  I quit feeling sorry for myself.
2.  I quit waiting for things to happen.
3.  I quit fearing the inevitable.
4.  I quit worrying about unrealistic situations.
5.  I quit singing someone else’s song.
6.  I quit trying to fit in shoes that clearly aren’t my size.
7.  I quit planning my days to a “t.”
8.  I quit dreaming and looked at what’s right in front of me.
9.  I quit reading garbage that has no real meaning.
10. I quit overreacting for no real reason

Life can be so invariable.  Life can be full of unexpected twists and turns.  Life’s battles [ big and/or small ] can really suck you into an alternate universe.  Life can suck some days, and miraculously – life can be absolutely amazing some days.

I’m not saying to ignore everything. I’m simply saying that I have made a conscious choice to quit anything that is temporary, anything that is unchangeable whether or not I worry about it.

Together, let’s focus on the following “things.”

1.  Let’s start being happy, because it’s more fun than feeling sorry.
2.  Let’s make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.
3.  Let’s push the inevitable aside, and focus on being in the moment.
4.  Let’s get rid of thoughts about unrealistic situations.
5.  Let’s sing our own songs – loud & proud.
6.  Let’s wear shoes that are made for us, by us, and tie them ourselves.
7.  Let’s go with the flow every once in awhile.
8.  Let’s embrace what’s right in front of us.
9.  Let’s read life-changing books, not garbage.
10. Let’s not let life’s hiccups get the best of us.

What negativity do you need to shed in order to move in a forward direction in your personal and/or professional life?
Change starts by doing.

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