Tableau Resources

Tableau is a Seattle-based software firm—which, according to Fortune, “pioneered the concept of ‘visual analytics’” started at Stanford University in 2003 and launched an initial public offering in 2013.

Co-founders Christian Chabot (CEO), Pat Hanrahan (Chief Scientist), and Chris Stolte (Chief Development Officer) began by combining a structured query language for databases with a descriptive language for rendering graphics. The result? A database visualization language called Visual Query Language or VizQL. VizQL underlies Tableau’s eponymous software application, which queries relational databases, cubes, cloud databases, and spreadsheets, and then generates a variety of graph types.

Today Tableau has more than 28,000 customer accounts, including the World Bank, Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobil, Homeland Security, Pfizer, Fannie Mae, Gallup, Nike, and Adobe.

Tableau currently offers five main products:

  • Tableau Desktop — “fast analytics for everyone”
  • Tableau Server — “collaboration for any organization”
  • Tableau Online — “business intelligence in the cloud”
  • Tableau Reader — “view Tableau Desktop files”
  • Tableau Public — “for public data”

Tableau Public and Tableau Reader are free, and free trials are available for the other products.

Tableau has three training options

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