Implement Loops In ODI Package to Avoid Resource & Memory Saturation

Logs are only purged at the end of sessions ; while looping in a package logs will never be deleted which may result in RDBMS tablespace saturation While looping the session is never ending ; the garbage collector might be unable to handle such a case and after a while this may adversely effect performance of the looping Scenario / Package. The limitation of such looping in an ODI Package is related to the fact that all processing is maintained within the same session.

Most optimized approach to do this would be to use a new Session for each logical loop occurrence, as described below:

The last OK transition should not go back to start. Package without closing arrow must be saved and a Scenario (called MYSCEN) is to be generated. Add a final step in the package using the tool OdiStartScen – it will call MYSCEN in Asynchronous mode (which will allow to create a new session). The scenario will call itself in an Asynchronous mode which will allow to create each time a new session.

Reference: NOTE:443858.1 – How To Run ODI Processes In Parallel Using Asynchronous Scenarios And To Avoid Looping Within ODI Packages