Flexfields in ODI

Flexfields are user-defined fields which enable to customize the properties of ODI objects. They are set for each object instance through the Flexfield tab of Object window. Flexfield exist only for certain object type, objects that do not have a flexfield tab do not support them. When accessing an object properties through ODI’ substitution methods, if you specify the Flexfield Code, ODI will substitute the Code by the flexfield value for the object instance. For instance:

<%=odiRef.getTable(“L”, “MY_DATASTORE_FIELD”, “W”)%> 
returns value of the flexfield MY_DATASTORE_FIELD for the current table.

<%=odiRef.getSrcTableList(“”, “[MY_DATASTORE_FIELD] “, “, “, “”)%>
returns flexfield value for each of the source tables of the interface.

It is also possible to get value of a flexfield through getFlexFieldValue() method.